Brass Peacock Set Decorative

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Significance of the Brass Peacock

Here are some of the meanings of the brass peacock:

In Hinduism, the peacock is a sacred bird and is often associated with the god Vishnu. It is also seen as a symbol of beauty, grace, and prosperity. 

Beauty and grace: The peacock is a beautiful bird with a long, flowing tail. Its feathers are a rainbow of colours, and it is often seen as a symbol of beauty and grace.

Prosperity: The peacock is also seen as a symbol of prosperity. Its feathers are said to bring good luck and fortune. 

Wisdom and enlightenment: In Buddhism, the peacock is associated with the bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitesvara. Avalokitesvara is known as the "Lord of Compassion" and is said to help those who are suffering. The peacock is seen as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment because it is said to be able to see into the hearts of others.

Good luck and protection: In Feng Shui, the peacock is also seen as a symbol of good luck and protection. It is said to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to those who have it in their homes.

Brass is a metal that is often used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. It is believed to have purifying properties and can help remove negative energy from a space. The combination of the peacock's symbolism and the purifying properties of brass makes the brass peacock a powerful symbol of good luck, prosperity, and protection.

If you are looking for a way to bring good luck and prosperity into your home, a brass peacock may be the perfect addition for you. It is a beautiful and meaningful piece that can help create a positive and inviting atmosphere in your space.

Product details :

Dimension : Length - 21 cms , Height - 21 cms

Weight : 2 Kg 200 gms Approxly 

Material : Brass

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