91 Vaastu Correction Pyramid 3 Plates

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Product details :

Dimension :

1 x 1 inch - 34 gms Approxly

1.5 x 1.5 inch - 80 gms Approxly 

2 x 2 inch - 140 gms Approxly

3 x 3 inch - 530 gms Approxly


The 91 Vaastu correction pyramid is a type of pyramid that is said to help correct Vaastu defects in a home or office. Vaastu is an ancient Indian system of architecture that is said to be based on the flow of energy. A Vaastu defect is an imbalance in the flow of energy that can lead to negative consequences, such as financial problems, health issues, and relationship problems.


The 91 Vaastu correction pyramid is said to help correct Vaastu defects by emitting positive energy that balances the negative energy in the environment. The pyramid is made up of 91 smaller pyramids, which are said to represent the 91 chakras in the human body. When the pyramid is placed in a specific location in the home or office, it is said to help align the chakras and improve the overall energy flow.


The benefits that are said to be associated with the 91 Vaastu correction pyramid are:

Improved energy levels

Reduced stress and anxiety

Enhanced sleep

Improved concentration and focus

Boosted creativity

Improved overall health

Increased wealth and prosperity

Protection from negative energy


It is important to place it in the correct location. The pyramid should be placed in the northeast corner of the home or office, which is considered to be the most auspicious direction in Vaastu. The pyramid should also be placed at least 2 feet above the ground and should not be blocked by any furniture or other objects.


You can also use a 91 Vaastu correction pyramid in conjunction with other Vaastu remedies, such as the placement of mirrors, crystals, and plants. By taking a holistic approach to Vaastu, you can create a more harmonious and balanced environment in your home or office.

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